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Day 5 & 6

Koh Phi Phi > Krabi > Koh Samui > Koh Tao

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Gooood morning everyone! Apologies for not posting yesterday, had a long day of travel and didn't find a place to stay until later that night, so I was pretty tired. Again started the morning off around 6am when the fan shut off, but luckily the clouds were rolling in and the sunrise was perfect.


This is the daily offering from the fruit bat gods on our porch. Still not sure why they chose ours, but they do feast at night!!


Our resort had a cute cat and dog combo that did a lot of nothing. Here's the cat hugging himself he's so comfortable.


This is one of our hosts on the bow of the long tail as we went into town to climb. He started smoking the second we cast off. It's around 8am now.


Another view of our beautiful, quiet beach.


That big rock face to the left of the resort? That's what we're climbing on today.


Another view as we approached from the beach.


This photo is immediately to the right of the last picture. Unfortunately it's hard to get a sense of scale and depth in pictures, especially without people in the shot, but the geography around here is other worldly. Those limestone cliffs in the background rise up from nothing.


This is the approach. Although short, it was quite a trek through the jungle with flip flops. Hard to tell, but Kim and our guide are no more than 10 feet and 15 feet away from me, respectively. VERY steep.


This was our climbing guide. His name - Apple. Or so he said. Very friendly guy from Laos making a living off of tourists doing what he loves. Bought him a Chang after the trip and chatted for a while.


After a few warm up routes we got to a 5.10b that was about 25M (~75ft) off the deck. At this point I was probably close to 50 feet up. Incredible limestone rock jutting out of the face. Some of the holds were basically ledges you had to pull yourself up on, others were finger holds. A few of which I cut up my hand pretty good. Totally worth the climb, though.


Hard to see, but here's Kim in relatively the same spot. Kickin some ass!!


These next two were all for you guys. Pretty sketchy bringing a phone up this high and trying to take a picture when your hands are sweaty and shaking from the climb. I couldn't swipe to get the pano due to the chalk/sweat combo on my hands, so I just took two next to each other. This is the view from the top of the route. Gorgeous island. Thailand can be so colorful sometimes.


Here's the obligatory shot down the face with a rope in the frame. Social medial peer pressure FTW! If you can get a sense of the height, Kim is 10 feet to the right of the rope and Apple is directly to the left. After the climb, we walked about 30 minutes back into the island to drop off our gear and have a beer with Apple (there are no vehicles driving around on the island).


After some small chat, he had a group of 8 Chinese tourists who wanted to climb before the sun set (about 1.5 hrs away) so we left the shop and found an ice cream place. This is how some vendors make ice cream on the island.


I also found out I can upload videos and link them to the blog, so here's the first try. Let me know in the comments if this is too long or too short and I'll try to include more video as well.

We stopped by a seafood place to grab a snack and sitting outside was their crab catch for the day. Again, the colors.


Looks like they do some serious seafood at night.


We made our way back to the pier to catch the last long boat for the day back to our resort.


The tide change here is crazy. At high tide, all of these boats are floating in around 5 feet of water.


Sun setting over the bay as we rode back to our hut.


<<-----DAY 6 ----->>

Again, woke up early to a beautiful sunrise.


We took the ferry back to Krabi and got in our "Lexus" van to take us to the airport.


As soon as we got in the van, we got our first real taste of the rainy season over here in Thailand. Generally speaking, it is fantastic weather and usually sunny. When it does rain, it rains HARD, but in pockets. So you usually can see sunshine and the dark, menacing clouds of an approaching storm.


After waiting for an hour or two, we got on our Bangkok Airways flight from Krabi to Koh Samui on the eastern side of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. Boarding the plane, the flight attendants had chirping birds playing through the speaker system. The also served us food on the hour flight. Pretty nice, actually. Here's the Koh Samui port as we waited for the ferry to arrive to take us to Koh Tao


On the ferry enjoying the views.


Impending rainstorm leading to a really choppy sea, and a lot of sea sick people.


This is me genuinely trying to keep the camera still. As always, video makes things seem lesser than they are in real life, but this gives you a taste of the TWO HOUR boat ride we had (~1.5 hrs was this rough). The people giggling in the video were jumping up and down at the crest of the wave so they would fly into the air as we fell down into the wave. Pretty good fun until you smack your head into the ceiling.

After a bit of misery, we landed on the island and were immediately bombarded by locals trying to get us to take their taxi or stay at their hotel. We got through the mob, walked around until we found a nice place to stay, and cranked the AC again. A short dinner and it was back to our den and off to sleep. Tomorrow is a much needed decompression/ relax day, and then the next day is SCUBA!!!! Cannot wait.

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